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Architectural Design

Templeton Place House Addition and Renovation

A complete transformation in Town and Country.

What began as a kitchen remodel turned into a total transformation from a dark, dated 1980s-built home into a naturally lit, free-flowing space guided by the principles of feng shui. To create a contemporary space and indoor-outdoor sensibility, we opened up the back of the house to the expansive grounds, adding doors and windows to expand the view and access. With an emphasis on materiality, we used a calm, neutral palette and carefully selected natural materials.

“The house was chopped up — if our client was having seven or eight women over, some would be in the front room and some would be trying to squeeze into the kitchen, so we opened it up and made space for some people to hang at the breakfast table and others to sit at the island. Now, in this house, they’re all together.”

– Ann Wimsatt, Architect

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